Our Technology

Moulding Steps

Plastic moulding holds no more secrets for Ampla, which has been developing all its business in this field for over 50 years. Ampla puts its experience, its great flexibility and ability to develop projects from beginning to end at the service of all Italian and foreign companies that want to make their ideas a reality.

Thanks to its "vertical" integrations Ampla is able to:
• Develop projects, accessing their feasibility, time and costs
• Manufacture moulds and other equipment for production
• Producing according to needs of the commissioning company

AMPLA, with ISO 9001, has advanced technologies, thorough quality control and production capacity - up to 3 works per day - at its disposal that allow it to develop projects of very different sizes and budgets.

AMPLA puts the "Made in Italy" in its fullest sense at the disposal of its customers, both where creativity and quality of its production are concerned.

Thermoplastic Moulding

AMPLA's activity includes all phases from the design of a plastic part to the finished products:

• Design assistance and development.
• Selection of the most suitable thermoplastic materials.
• Part design.
• Prototyping.
• Design and construction of the mould.
• Moulding.
• Quality control and assurance.
• Part finishing, if required.


The design phase deserves particular attention, where AMPLA assists the customer in establishing the geometries which best suit the moulding process and function that the part must accomplish during operation of a whole system.
Designing is backed by a modern three-dimensional CAD-CAM-CAE system which supports the sessions of modelling of solids, surfaces, structural calculation and filling and the generation of tool paths.
The design phase ends with the establishment or supervision of mould designs.

Mould Making

The company has a tooling department which is equipped with the latest generation machine tools.
It is able to build moulds, make modifications and manage the maintenance operations required to keep the moulds in production in perfect conditions.
The department using tool paths generated in the technical office which allow the numerically controlled workstations, spark erosions and other machine tools to machine the matrixes. The assembly and finishing phase is the result of professionalism and highly qualified and motivated technical background.


The production department operates on a twenty-four hour cycle and is composed of sixteen injection presses with a closing force from 75 to 750 Tonnes.
AMPLA production includes the processes of traditional moulding, bi-component, bicolour, gas assisted-moulding, silicone moulding and elastomer techniques.
All the presses are equipped with Cartesian manipulators and anthropomorphic robots for unloading moulded pieces and for the subsequent assembly and packing operations integrated on the press.

Finishing and Printing

Various finishing processes are available including tampography, silkscreen printing, ultrasound welding, assembly, packaging and labelling.

Quality and Planning

Ampla works with a quality system approved according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standards.
The operating parameters of the presses are managed and memorised by a central control unit which ensures compliance with the set process conditions. Moreover, these central units plan the preventive maintenance, settings and calibrations of the machinery and instruments guaranteeing a constant quality of the process.
Sample controls are made at regular intervals on dimension and functional characteristics, using the most modern control instruments including 3D machines, profile projectors, colorimeters, colour booths, durometers, torquemeters, callipers etc...
Planning and production progress are performed and managed via a specific information technology system.