Founded in 1960, when the industrial World began to use the new thermoplastic materials and become familiar with their range of applications.

Who We Are

Created almost fifty years ago by Ponzoni family, AMPLA is a company where passion and commitment are values that have never gone out of fashion and whitch together with flexibility, creativity and talent, from the foundation of the company today.


Ampla today is a modern company, equipped with an organisation aimed at meeting customer needs, with a UNI EN ISO 9001 approved quality system.

Company Research

A company that has made research, technology and flexibility its main weapon for competing on international market and that over the years has created division that can be summarized as follows:

Thermoplastic Moulding for Outsiders Contracts

Design and developement, construction of moduls and manufacture of plastic products and components.


Complete lines of Compressed Air Blow Guns, accessories and kits for different Air devices and applications.


Complete lines of portable pumps for decanting liquids. Lines of continers, Cand and accessories for measuring and decanting liquids.

Industrial Gaskets

Complete range of industrial Elastomers, Gaskets and O-Ring.